About us

How it all started

Helsinki Metropolitan Orchestra was born in the summer of 2017 (by the name of SMO), when pianist Alina Sorjonen and conductor Sasha Mäkilä decided to gather their musician friends together to practice and perform some concert music in the middle of the summer in Helsinki.

The debut concert in the Temppeliaukio Church was a big success. The large number of audience, about 800 listeners, of whom 100 were standing, took us all by surprise, and left us with a burning desire to keep playing together. After getting organized in the autumn, the first concerts were in Kauniainen and Helsinki around the New Year 2018. On the first half of 2018 the orchestra has proved its versatility by playing at a conducting master class, and opera, and the latter half will continue with a tour of three symphony concerts.

A unique concept

Sasha Mäkilä, the Artistic leader, characterises the orchestra:

"Helsinki Metropolitan Orchestra is a unique ensemble because it features student, professional and amateur musicians of all ages. Another thing worth mentioning is that regardless of background or age everyone is equal. Since this is a new orchestra, it has been easy for people to come to us and discover something they have not been able to experience earlier in their professional or amateur musical life."


  • Sasha Mäkilä Artistic leader
  • Alina Sorjonen Intendent

Board of directors 2019

  • Csilla Firon Chairman
  • Jyrki Messo Secretary
  • Kaija Sivonen
  • Laura Iivonen-Mellais
  • Leena Jämsén
  • Mika Turunen
  • Juuli Markkanen deputy member and treasurer